Size chart for knitting baby socks –

You want to knit baby socks, but have no idea about the sizes, number of stitches and centimeters. We have the size chart for you.

The first set consists of a baby shirt with a sophisticated American neckline and pants designed for cloth diapers. Of course, the pants can also be worn with disposable diapers. Cloth diaper l Sewing first baby set l Sewing for baby l Sewing for children l Initial baby equipment l Sewing clothes l Sewing trousers l Sewing top l Free sewing patterns l Freebies l Sewing instructions l Freebook l Instructions

super elastic stitch stop for socks !!! – YouTube

Would you like to knit a hat for your little ones? Our free guide plus size chart will help you. Knitting can be so easy.

[Werbung] #Nappy bagWinnie – diaper bag sewing with many practical compartments. Perfect for diapers on the go. Fabric coated with OdiCoat. Sewing instructions and free sewing pattern from DIY owl. Material completely from MT Stofferie. Perfect bag for diapers, creams, change items, burp cloths, wet wipes and more. DIY sewing instructions with free sewing pattern from DIY owl.

Braided scarf – knitting – #braided #scarf #knit #amigurumi #crochet

The "there-fits-everything-in-bag" … perfect for vacation! Free sewing instructions for you! Material sets are in the online shop … – Sewing room heart

Adorable crochet pattern set for baby hat and booties. I love the cute button closure for the booties! So, they look really practical, like they would open right up and be easy to put on! Looks like a simple, easy crochet pattern evven a beginner could handle! Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!

Swing, hammock and cave in one? Yes exactly! The hanging cave from Westfalenstoffe AG ​​makes small children's hearts happy. The free sewing pattern is a very special sewing idea… Read more

Summer hat sewing instructions


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