DIY: A quickly sewn doll carrier

Doll carrier_DIY_title_Raindropsandsprinkles

A classic with verve: sew a plate skirt yourself buttinette blog

Baby bloomers easily sewn for FREE FREE sewing instructions and patterns from

Free knitting instructions

Sweet hand-knitted baby jacket in blackberry pattern the free instructions! #baby jacket #hand knitted #knit #free instructions

Baby boy boy sewing pants, material fabric mix combination, bags, ribbon cord, buttons, button, hat bandana, pap snap logo label

Ms. Mathilda's jumping jackets are so cute and well thought out. The free sewing pattern contains several sizes and is suitable for babies and small children. … Continue reading

Sweet cuddly toy for big and small ♥ We supply sewing patterns and the free instructions for this cute fabric kite. Just get started >>>

Free sewing instructions including plotter freebie: sew burp cloth for baby

Baby cotton rattles fox, bear, deer, wolf, owl, rabbit and raccoon Beautiful crochet rattle can be a perfect gift for the first baby shower or christening. Crocheted baby rattle helps teeth process when occurring. It is made from cotton yarn. Funny rattle, baby mom becomes a couple


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